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About Potion

Potion—the international indie pop sensation that delivers a full, rich concert with pop harmonies, a guitar, a synthesizer, a percussive lemon.

Potion (Annie Maley & Michel Bedoya): -ABOUT- photo (live in Offenbach)

A bit about Potion

Potion is the San Francisco based creative duo of Annie Maley and Michel Bedoya. They make music, short films, animations and visual design projects. Their music is a true synthesis of elements, blending modern sampling and synthesizer work, surf guitars, layered vocal harmonies, and ultra cool maracas! After years of touring the globe, performing in venues across the US, Canada, South America, and Europe, Potion has been more recently focused on blending their new recordings with multimedia designs, short films, and animations.

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Potion: Parallel Worlds Album Cover 600px
Parallel Worlds
Parallel Worlds ©2010

The 5 track EP entitled Parallel Worlds is a complex collection of singles, presenting a pandora’s box of vignettes of our life and times.

Parallel Worlds
Potion: Band Of Outsiders Album Cover 600px
Band of Outsiders
Band Of Outsiders ©2005

Band of Outsiders explodes into immediate movement, and keeps the energy flowing effortlessly, from sonic to sensual to ferocious and back again.

Band of Outsiders
Potion: Circa Album Cover 600px
Circa ©2003

Potion's Circa comes at you with a wave of pure style. All of the songs have a fresh, upbeat sound, somewhat retro in tone but full of life.

Potion: Among Dreams Album Cover 600px
Among Dreams
Among Dreams ©2001

Among Dreams is rich with wonderful, timeless melodies and a wealth of beauty and sincerity—creating imaginary worlds outside of time and space.

Among Dreams

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Potion: Dark Matter Disc Cover

Dark Matter Video

VIDEO: Potion: Dark Matter
Potion: Hafen 2 Video Cover

Parallel Worlds Promo

VIDEO: Parallel Worlds Promo
Potion: Band Of Outsiders Video Cover

Band of Outsiders Video

VIDEO: Band of Outsiders ©2006
Erasing Clouds
Dave Heaton

“All of the songs have a fresh, upbeat sound, somewhat retro in tone but full of life. Yet Potion aren’t all about flair and sonic fashion; their songs have memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics that tackle love and loneliness. Their style will catch your attention first, but underneath it lies solid songwriting and genuine emotion.”

redefine Magazine
Jesse Zitrin

“Potion is nothing if not dreamy. The band’s sound, born of boundless optimism and low-budget inventiveness, blends sexy chic with gritty drive. Musically, Potion is hard to categorize and easy to listen to. Professionally, Potion is a part-time flight of fancy and an international sensation. Philosophically, the band is all things to all people–except those too stagnant or stodgy to jump on board.”

Friends of Heroes
Grainne Lynch

“The music is cheery and energetic and perfect for the beginning of summer. It makes me feel like dancing and has singing along even when I don’t know the words.”

Sam Metcalf

“Potion make romping, bruising, sophisticated, fuck-you pop music, and in Annie Maley they have a true star just waiting to be found and made into an international queen of the free world.”


“Hors du temps, entre melodies mielleuses á la guitare et sons synthétiques éthérés, flotte dans un espace spatio-temporel insaisissable, entre feu- et une aventure musicale á venir.”


“Tras la cálida voz de Annie Maley se esconde el candor de Potion, dúo pasado por la espiral del túnel del tiempo, tele transportándose desde los inicios de las cantautoras en Francia hasta la figura de la eclipsante Nico, junto a la Velvet Underground.”


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