New 2010 Promo Photos!
We are homored to have these beautiful new promo photos thanks to the photographic talents of C. Haudenschild and C. Michael Benson. Please click the Thumbnail to download the image.
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Potion is the San Francisco based indie-pop duo of Annie Maley and Michel Bedoya. Their music is a true synthesis of elements, blending modern sampling and synthesizer work, surf guitars, layered vocal harmonies, and ultra cool maracas! Potion's sound is compared to the groups the B-52s, The Pretenders, and the Velvet Underground and could be described as a mix between 1980's electronic, 1960's Zombies-pop, and entre guerres Cabaret style. Exhibiting DIY spirit at it's best, Potion records and releases their music from their studio apartment then spreads their tunes across the globe, touring in the US, Canada, South America, Europe and beyond.

Parallel Worlds
After years traversing the globe with their award-winning LP, Band of Outsiders, Potion has come home to release their 4th disc on Blue Orange Records this May 2010. The 5 track EP entitled Parallel Worlds is a complex collection of singles, presenting a pandora's box of vignettes of our life and times. Each track leads you into a different audio soundscape of intricate rhythms and harmonies. Thoughtful, personal and sincere, these songs will play inside your mind for years to come like anthems for a long lost memory you have mistaken for a dream.